June 4, 2009

Over the years our business has evolved in that we now rarely see or visit with our suppliers. Our vendors are now spread all over the country from Florida to Seattle. In the absence of a personal visit from us, we wanted a way to bring our home town to them.
About ten (10) years ago you, Rich Gowell, gave us an idea of custom made candy in the shape of our business logo. You made the chocolates and we sent all over the United States.
The response was beyond belief! The milk chocolate is superb, the dark chocolate beyond anything I can describe. When we send Gowell’s Chocolates we always get a thank you note. And a request for more chocolate!
Thank goodness Rich & Lori are there. Very best for the next fifty years!

Very best regards, 
William C. Bearce, III, CIC, Bearce Insurance Agency, Inc. 

PS My Personal favorite is the dark chocolate!

Fifty years – WOW! Happy Anniversary! And I do have memories. 
I remember when Gowell’s first opened and had a soda fountain. A friend who lived near-by always ended his day with a frappe at Gowell’s….Coffee, I think.
Gowell’s has been my one and only chocolate shop since it opened- Two reasons: it was local and mostly because no other chocolates ever came close to tasting so great. I always have sent Gowell’s to friends and relatives wherever they may be, at holidays, special personal days, etc.
They are welcomed and looked forward to and enjoyed all over the globe.
Now that I no longer live in Brockton, you make it possible for me to continue sending Gowell’s by taking my order by phone or mail and having it sent to those I want to remember. I feel as if I have a private shopping service and I’m grateful for your personal and prompt attention.
You don’t need to change. Everything you’re doing is right. I realize how hard it must be to keep your business on a personal level, but please do! Not just for me but for hundreds more.
Evelyn and Richard must be so very proud of you for continuing so ably, what they started so many years ago.

Claire Chase

We have something in common....we started our business in April, 1959!!
One day I went into the store after hearing that Gowell's candy was THE BEST.  Goodness I had to be in my late 20's......that's 40 years ago!!  I asked Mr. Gowell if we could open an account.  The account still remains open and active even though we've lived out of state for nearly 15 years.
We got family & friends hooked and there is nothing in this world that would take its place.
Four years ago we renewed our vows and Rich was good enough to make us up 60 special items.  We had to buy 4 large coolers to transport them cross country.
I remember all the help that worked there.  Gowell's held their employees, which says something about the family.  
Al & I wish you the very best.
We send our Love and Luck,

Al & Ethel XOXO

I could almost write a book about Gowell’s candy. Your Dad and I grew up across the street from one another when we were little tots. Same schools and even dancing school. We worked for Billings Chocolate and Ice Cream Shop when we were about 14 or 15 years old. As you know, your Dad started his candy career there learning from your Uncle Fred and Aunt Bessie.
I was so excited when your Mom called and said that they were going to open their own store on North Main St. and would I like to work for them. It was small and we used to do packing upstairs in the building. It was not long before your Dad bought the present store at 727 North Main Street which was just down the street.
Many happy hours were spent working with your folks. Some were a wee bit exciting such as the time the steel belt on the Enrober let go in the middle of a full days run of holiday candies. There was the time a customer was recovering from surgery at Mass General Hospital in Boston and gave a box of Gowell’s Candy to the patient in the next room who turned out to be the movie idol John Wayne. For a good number of years Gowell’s Candy was shipped to him in California or as gifts he ordered for others. There is so much more that could be written but I will end with how proud we are that Gowell’s Candy has kept the family tradition of producing top quality candy all these years thanks to a 19 year old young man who gave up college and stepped in and took over the kitchen when his father suddenly passed away that January of 1982. Gowell’s Candy is a true example of a “family” business and you and Lori have done a great job continuing that tradition.

Thank you.
Joanne W. Reid