Welcome to Gowell's Homemade Candy


Since 1959, we have been bringing our sumptuous homemade confections to our customers all across the US.  Delicious novelties, courteous service and individual attention-to-detail are what make GOWELL'S HOME MADE CANDY so special. Your order is now available by telephone, fax or on the web so that everyone can enjoy the unique morsels that have made Gowells a tasty favorite.

We Offer:

  • A wide variety of confections in milk, white, dark and sugar free chocolate, as well as fudge, penuche and fresh roasted cashews and mixed nuts
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Various gift items uniquely combined with candies or chocolates
  • Free gift wrapping with $5 or more purchase
  • Daily shipping via UPS-ground
  • Customized Packaging
  • A reputation for reliable, honest service and outstanding products

727 N Main St
Brockton, MA

Ph 508-583-2521 

Fax 508-559-6178


Monday-Friday 9am-6pm  Saturday:        9am-5pm

(Extended Holiday Hours: Sunday's 10-5 beginning the Sunday before Thanksgiving thru Christmas: the Sunday before Valentine's Day and the Sunday before Easter )

Closed July 1-31 (voicemail available)