Chocolate Center Descriptions

All assortments can be customized by chocolate type and center flavor by calling 508-583-2521

Soft Centers: Butter Cream, Coconut Cream, Coffee Cream, Chocolate Velvet Cream, Raspberry Cream, Orange Cream, Fudge, Lemon Cream, Maple Nut Cream, Marshmallow, Vanilla Cream, Peppermint Cream (dark choco only), Peppermint Patty (dark choc only), Wintergreen Cream (dark choc only), Wintergreen Patty (dark choc only), Raspberry Jelly, Orange Jelly, Espresso Melt-Away

Crisp Centers: Molasses Chips, Peanut Butter Bites, Toasted Coconut Clusters, Pretzels, English Toffee, Sea Salt Toffee, Oreo Cookie, Thin Mint Oreo

Chewy Centers: Vanilla Caramel, Vanilla Nut Caramel, Chocolate Caramel, Caramello (Vanilla Caramel with Honey Nougatine layered on top), Molasses Nougatine, Molasses Coconut Taffy, Caramel & Marshmallow, Honey Nougatine, Sea Salt Caramel

Nut Centers: Cashew Cluster, Almond Cluster, Peanut Cluster, Almond Butter Crunch (Toffee), Turtletts (Caramel Nut Patties): Pecan, Cashew or Almond, Nut Bark: Almond, Cashew or Pecan, Peanut Crunch.

Fruit Centers: Pieces of: Ginger, Apricots, Prunes, Raisin Clusters, Orange Peel (dark choco only), Cherry Cordials (Liquid Center), Coconut Sno Drops, Cranberry Bark.

Sugar FreeDark Chocolate: pecan turtles, cashew turtles, peppermint cream, vanilla caramel, cherry cordial     Milk Chocolate: pecan turtles, cashew turtles, peanut cluster, buttercrunch, espresso truffle, peanut butter truffle, orange cream, raspberry jelly, marshmallow, vanilla caramel, fudge(chocolate covered).